Our hands are the most frequently used body part at any workplace and as a result we come across news of work related hand injuries from time to time. Selecting the best work gloves is of utmost importance for protecting our hands from any work induced hazards. But according to a survey it has been seen that most workers do not feel the necessity to protect their hands during dangerous works or are not aware of hand protection. It is also seen that they work wearing the wrong kind of gloves. Though it may seem insignificant at first but it increases the risk of injuries and also reduces work productivity. So to protect your hands it is better to start off wearing the correct and the best work gloves. Good working gloves are one which not only provide protection to our hands but also help us to work efficiently and comfortably. It should be durable and lost lasting enough to be suited for heavy industrial work. However given the broad market for work gloves it often becomes too confusing on the part of the buyer to select the right type of gloves. In the post we have tried to bring you the top 5 best most durable work gloves available in the market to give you an easy guide to the most suitable gloves for your hands. Hope you won’t be disappointed with our choices as we have chosen some of the best only for you.


The list below gives the names of some of the most preferred and durable work gloves that are recommended by both workers and experts alike. They have the best rankings in the product market. So read on for our recommendations on the best most durable work gloves.

  • Wells Lamont 551 Cut Resistant Work Gloves

This set of work gloves give its wearer great protection from abrasion and cuts. They provide super grip, tactile sensitivity and high amount of flexibility to keep total control over your work as the tools won’t be slipped out of your hands while working. They are also lightweight gloves and do not offer much padding. The material of these gloves contain 77% aramid,13% stainless steel, 9% nylon and 1% spandex exclusive of nitrile coating. As a result these gloves are 5 times more cut resistant than leather. The nitrile coating on palms offers protection against a wide range of chemicals and solvents and it also provides a strong grip and stretch to allow your hands to move freely. These gloves have been tested according to ASTM and ANSI method and have achieved a cut protection of level 4 out of 5. Be it any kind of heavy duty work these Wells Lamont 551 Cut Resistant work gloves is an ideal method to keep your hands safe.

  • Ansell Power Flex T 80-400 Work Gloves

The Powerflex T gloves from Ansell are made from a seamless thermal terry liner. They have a bright blue palm that is made of natural rubber latex with a knit wrist. The advantages of working with this type of gloves are that they are cheap, easy to produce, have great grip and are durable. They are highly cut resistant with an ANSI rating of 3. They provide insulation against temperatures as low as -13 degrees for chilly workplaces and you can also use these gloves as winter gloves while off work. The Powerflex gloves are more suited for individuals who work in an environment with a lot of edged tools. The yellow-blue colour scheme makes it look appealing and they are much easier to find if they get lost in any dark place. These gloves are highly recommended for workers in cold storage or unheated warehouses, general maintenance and outdoor construction work.

  • Husqvarna Heavy Duty Leather work Gloves

The Husqvarna Heavy Duty Leather work gloves are made with a combination of grain leather and split leather or suede. The palms and fingers are wrapped in grain leather for extra puncture protection and durability whereas the backs of the hands and wrist cuffs are suede. Shirred elastic Breathrite is vented on the back in order to reduce fatigue and also allowing for cool and comfortable use. There is also an extended split leather cuff with a Velcro closure and a full wrap thumb. Since they are not the supplest or most flexible work gloves so they are not recommended for detailed work but they are effective in reducing the wear and tear of your hands to a great extent. These heavy duty gloves are usually a good option for hauling gear and lumber

  • Bionic Men’s Elite Gardening Gloves

They might be one of the most expensive gardening gloves available in the market but they can wonderfully fit in any hands and can be used comfortably for detailed work over a long period of time. These gloves are built for flexibility and dexterity at the same time reducing blistering, calluses and hand fatigue. The light colouring of these gloves much might upset some of its users who worry about them getting discoloured or dirty.  Experts don’t recommend it for heavy duty work but rather they are suitable for delicate to moderate work as they don’t reduce tactile sensation much. It should be noted that these gloves are not waterproof so therefore they should not be used for wet work since the material used for manufacturing these is light leather which can soak in water easily and damage the gloves over time.

  • Showa Best Aegis HP54 Work Gloves

These work gloves are the perfect example of comfort, cut resistance and durability. One of the most important benefits of these gloves is that they have oil resistance that many other dipped gloves don’t provide. With an ANSI rating of 4, they offer excellent grip due to the sponge nitrile dipped fingers and palms and also decent flexibility. The materials used for making these include high performance nylon lycra knit liner, sponge nitrile technology coating and seamless knit. These gloves are capable in protecting your hands from oil, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion with an optimal long lasting grip. The Showa Best Aegis work gloves are highly suggested to workers handling sheet metal, fresh milled steel or glass. The combination of grip, comfort and protection is truly commendable for these gloves which earned them a position in our list of top 5 most durable work gloves.

There is no hard and fast rule for selecting the best work gloves. Each glove serves a different purpose and material used in it is dedicated to perform certain functions. Whether working in any factory or in any garden it is important to keep our hands safe and protected. So slipping in pair of good working gloves will only make our jobs easier and faster. So look into our recommendations for top 5 best most durable work gloves and make it a point to make your safety a top priority in any workplace.